Aaron Brethorst Photography


Aaron Brethorst was born in Minneapolis, MN in 1982, and has lived in Seattle, WA since 2003. Brethorst is a software developer and photographer, and works with both digital photography and black and white film, which he develops and prints himself. His photographic work has been featured in print in magazines and books, online on The Stranger, and has appeared in juried art shows across the United States.

His education includes a Computer Science degree, received in 2003 from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, and ongoing work towards a certificate in fine art photography from Seattle's Photographic Center Northwest. There, he has studied under such talented educators as KelbyOne instructor Daniel Gregory, Everyday Africa creator Peter DiCampo, and the Executive Director of PCNW and former Co-Publisher of Aperture Magazine, Michelle Dunn Marsh.

Aaron's work has been featured in juried art shows in New York, California, Florida, and Washington, among other places. His photograph "Adam & Son" received second place in the photography category at the 2016 CVG Show in Bremerton, Washington. "Adam & Son" was part of a series entitled "Our Photos," which asked its participants to pose with the most important photograph they had created.

You can reach aaron at [email protected].