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Any given snapshot may hold significance for no one but its creator, but for them that one photograph may mean everything. Artistic skill or training with a camera has no bearing on a photographer's ability to create images that hold meaning for them. In fact, on the contrary, I believe the non-photographer's lack of consideration for the technical aspects of the craft free them to judge their images solely in terms of what those images mean to them.

I asked friends, acquaintances, and strangers the same question: "which photograph that you have made is most meaningful or significant to you?" Why that particular photograph was most important to its maker didn't matter to me, per se. Instead, what really mattered was the value its maker placed upon it. I believe that what these photographs depict, whether banal, obvious, or mysterious, reveals more about their creators than words alone possibly could.

As you view these photos, I invite you to ask yourself the same question: which photograph you have made is most meaningful or significant to you? What does it reveal about you both to yourself and to others?

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